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The Beginning

Stitches & Buckles have started retailing a number of microbrand watches from 2019 to expand the number of products in store. We tried to work with microbrand owners in Singapore as this is where our shop is located and to show support for these brands. 


As a watch accessories retailer since 2014, we came across many different watches and it is always a dream to have our own watch collaboration one day. 

We created Adamas as our watch collaboration brand. Adamas being Greek for unconquerable. We know that hard times don't last but tough people do and hope that our watch collaboration will bring out the unconquerable side of the customer wearing it in the board room. There are a few of the brands that we wanted to work with and we decided to initiate this with Zelos, which we have formed the Zelos Modders Group with.

We had our discussion with Elshan since September 2019 and Zelos Mako:Terra happened. 

Adamas Mako: Terra

One of the ideas we had towards collaboration is that we do not want to just put our logo on the watch and to sell it off as a limited edition watch. 

We wanted our watch to stand out and to use different materials to start a series of our watch collaboration and decided to work on planetary theme. Why not explore the world with it? World means Kosmos in Greek and when we talk about Cosmos it means space. The entire solar system! 

To represent the solar system, each planet will be represented by a stone of its own.

Why Sodalite? 

We chose sodalite to represent Earth as it looks similar to Earth and also because it is a material we have seldom seen in watch dials. Some customers have asked what is sodalite and thought it is some diet drink. 

Initial render with Zelos

Our second render

Sodalite is a stone with sodium content and is normally blue with white lines. Blue is a rare color for gemstones, most people are not using it as it varies in appearance and not every stone will be the same. The appearance of every sodalite dial differs from all others and will thus be unique for its owner.

The Watch: Zelos Mako V3

Zelos Mako Version 3 was sold out very fast, we loved it too! Stitches and Buckles is fortunate to have a few for sale and we have almost sold them all. We took the design cues from this range for our Adamas Terra version.Blue bezel from the midnight blue Mako, full lume chapter ring from the Meteorite version. We requested to have no date window and to remove the wordings and we engage a local designer to help us with our range of caseback watch collaboration design. 

Even though we know that this Covid-19 situation is not the best time to launch this watch, we decided to be adamant and to put our best foot forward to launch our Zelos Mako: Terra. We know we will all have better days ahead of us.

Do join in the pre-order if you have yet to.-> Terra

Preorder price is SGD799 (USD569) 

We look forward to start our chapter with you and we will add more contents to our blog as and when we could. 

We appreciate your time to read this. Thank you.

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  • This is beautiful! I’ve seen sodalite on a bunch of dive watches (Maranez, Helson). I have a Mako V2 and Zelos is a great microbrand to partner with. Great first watch to the planetary line!

    Can’t WAIT to see what other stones/materials you use in the rest of the line. Breciated jasper, Botswana agate, carnelian…so much potential…so exciting!!

    Candace on

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