Feynman Timekeepers (Part 1)

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Meeting Mr Green Horology (@greenhorology)

With an Instagram moniker of green horology, it is very obvious what is Yong Keong's favorite color. We got to know each other when Stitches & Buckles were looking for Microbrand watches to add to our lineup, this was after the successful launch of Feynman One. YK (Short form for Yong Keong's name) is a watch enthusiast who have a wide collection of watches. 

We understand that Feynman is his son's name and he started embarking on this journey when he wanted to assemble a watch for his son.

Feynman Timekeepers

YK has shared that his design will be from his perspective as a watch collector, he would create something that he himself would add to his collection.

The inspiration for the watch design is nature. You can see from Feynman One and Feynman Cove that the second hand is a lizard's tail which is often mistaken for something productive (we should not go into details here) . 

YK will normally design the watch after deciding the movement, something that goes through his thought process before embarking on the design. Movements are not getting cheaper and crisis such as COVID-19 might delay productions and meeting timelines.

Feynman One

Feynman One "Wine"

Feynman One "Eclipse" 

Feynman One "Olive"

Feynman One collection is a series of dress watches that took inspiration from nature and reference from the Golden Ratio. 

The initial trio launched on Kickstarter are Feynman One "Classic", Feynman One "One Eyed Panda" and Feynman One "Founder's Edition". Founder's Edition (teal green) might be the staple in Feynman Timekeepers watch offering for each collection as it is YK's favorite color. 

Feynman One "Wine", Feynman One "Eclipse" and Feynman One "Olive" were subsequently added to the collection.

Feynman One "Olive" is a retail boutique only edition. (Stitches & Buckles is one of the three boutiques carrying it.)

Feynman One Specifications

Feynman One is 39mm diameter and have a lug width of 20mm. It is around 12.4mm thick due to the boxed dome sapphire crystal. It may look simple from far but it is far from simple. 

There are three numeric systems (Roman, Arabic and Chinese) being used on the primary dial, hour dial and sub dial.The name logo plate was thoughtfully placed at  5 o'clock position so as it does not disrupt the design on the watch face. 

Honeycomb dial right at the center of the watch is due to the inspiration of bee hive as it is often used as an example for Fibonnaci sequence or the golden ratio.

ETA Peseux 7001 Swiss hand-winding movement is used in Feynman One for it's accuracy and reliability.

Conclusion (Feynman One)

Most Microbrand watch brand will start their first collection with diver's watch as it is an easier category to start with. However, YK seem to have successfully applied the ancient Fibonacci sequence to launch his dress watch on Kickstarter.

Feynman One "One Eyed Panda" is my first watch from Feynman Timekeepers, I have been wearing it for a while for my office work. Winding the watch is a weekly delight and I will often turn it around to see how it kickstart the day's timekeeping process. 

Do check out the Feynman One collection in Stitches & Buckles store! 


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