Feynman Timekeepers (Part 2)

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Fibonacci Sequence Strikes Again!

Feynman Timekeepers launched another watch on Kickstarter! it is a modern take on the dive watch icon Super Compressor this time. 

Feynman Cove

Feynman Cove "Vintage Black"

Feynman Cove "Eclipse"

Feynman Cove "Founder's Edition"

While most of us think that there are no differences between Feynman One and Feynman Cove.There are 13 distinct differences from Feynman One according to Yong Keong:

1. 200m open caseback case

2. Redesigned hour and minute hands

3. Replaced chapter ring with rotating diving bezel

4. Changed Honeycomb emboss dial to full lume wave dial 

5. Changed to metallic flat logo plate

6. Full lume seconds hand 

7. Changed radial brushed dial to embossed sector dial

8. Complete redesign of case 

9. Complete redesign of crown 

10. Complete redesign of new FKM rubber (notice the wave design in the middle)

11. Complete redesign of buckle (more rugged)

12. Complete redesign of caseback

13. New design rotor 

Feynman Cove Specifications

Feynman Cove is designed with legibility, luminescence and wearability in consideration for a full function of a profession dive watch while looking great. It doesn't look like the standard submariner mold of dive watches. 

ETA 2895-2 movement with reference to watchbase.com are used by Hamilton, Baume & Mercier, Bell & Ross and Tissot. These brands with the same movement will cost so much more. For me personally, this indie brand is definitely punching above it's weight.  

Conclusion (Feynman Cove)

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -  Leonardo da Vinci 

Feynman Cove is a dressy dive watch, it functions as a dive watch but it looks good paired with leather straps and formal clothes if you don't intend to dive with it. Having tried the watch during a lunch meeting with YK, the FKM strap is very comfortable and I love the vintage black (biased). 

If you are not into conventional dive watches but something you would wear into a boardroom after a dive, Feynman Cove would be a watch for you.

The Feynman Cove Kickstarter might have ended but you can preorder one at Stitches & Buckles today! 

You can also use discount code 'Feynman2A' to enjoy 15% off Feynman One models on our website! 


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