Rewards System

Posted by Guo Min Lam on

Dear Friends of Stitches & Buckles,

We have been thinking of how to thank you for supporting us and we have come up with a reward point system! Here is a quick 


You might have notice this black tab on the left side of your screen when you visit our website, do click it to explore the options. 

For mobile user, it should appear on the bottom right of the screen.

Earn points for actions taken 

If you create an account, you are able to earn 100 points already! 

We love to celebrate Birthdays with you too! Points are on us! 

For every purchase it earns you points to redeem for your next purchase!

No expiry for points! 

We find it irritating to be pressurized to spend by a deadline, we do not want you to feel the same. So let us set the record straight, there are no expiry date to redeem the points unless otherwise advised.

So what are you waiting for?

Start shopping and take advantage of the reward system today! 

Thank you for your continuous support! 


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