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RZE (Formerly Reise) Watches 

Travis Tan is no stranger to Stitches and Buckles and he is definitely no stranger to the Microbrand watches world too. To leave a previous venture and to start another chapter in his new brand, that's the story we are sharing today. 

Reise means travel or journey in German, this name is apt for him as he is moving forward. RZE Watches was previously know as Reise. There were changes made to the logo too. All the inventory in store are the ones with the new logo. Photos shared in this review are from the Kickstarter campaign and their website.  

RZE Resolute 

Resolute to RZE means unwavering determination to conceptualise a watch that would conquer all odds. Pretty much what you would want from a tool watch for an everyday adventurer. 


Normally we expect watches we mentioned as a spec monster to be super bulky and heavy but in RZE Resolute, it isn't so. 

In fact, it is super light at 59 grams and 65 grams if you include the strap. With the Super-AR (10-12 coats on top of the market standard of 2-3), it makes photography a delight. To top it off, there is the UltraHex coating that protects the watches from scratches.  



    For a Microbrand watch that was funded in 6 minutes and having hit all the stretch goals; Aerospace material with a daily beater watch movement, we believe this is another winner in the overengineered watch category.

    Oh yeah! The bracelets are in our store too! With the drilled lugs, you will be able to change the look of the watch easily. Do check them out -> Shop


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    • Nice write-up Gio! I’ve been very impressed with my Resolute pair and was equally pleased with the Endeavour prototype. If anyone is interested in a video format to complement this write-up, I have full reviews of both RZE models in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jonathantaliani?sub_confirmation=1

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