Ventus Mori 2 Diver

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Mōri Motonari 

“The legend of the three arrows” is a story about Mōri Motonari. In an effort to get his sons to work together, he gave them each an arrow to break. This was done easily, and he challenged his sons to repeat it with three arrows bound together. This proved to be unbreakable.

Ventus Mori 2 Diver

Ventus Mori 2 Diver is a second launch of the Mori model. The 3 arrows from the story about Mōri Motonari remains on the watch (The 'Three Arrows' story is reflected on the dial, when the dive bezel triangle, dial triangle and Ventus logo line up.)

M-1 (Brass Bezel Insert, Brass Case and Black Dial)

M-2 (Ceramic Bezel Insert, Brass Case and Black Dial)

M-3 (Brass Bezel Insert, Brass Case and Dark Blue dial)

M-4 (Blue Ceramic Insert, Brass Case and Dark Blue Dial)

M-5 (Brass Bezel Insert, Brass Case and Teal dial)

M-6 (Black Ceramic Insert, Steel Case and Black Dial)

M-7 (Black Ceramic Insert, PVD Steel Case and Black Dial)

M-8 (Pepsi Ceramic Insert, Steel Case and Black Dial)




41mm Case Diameter. 14mm height (12.5 excl crystal)

48mm Lug to Lug length. 20mm lug width

300m Water Resistant

Double Domed Sapphire Crystal with inner AR coating

Seiko NH35 Automatic Movement

Brass or Steel Case with Stainless Steel caseback

Brass or Ceramic Insert 

Sandwich Dial

Difference between Version 1 and 2

Ventus Mori 2 have retained most of the specifications from Version 1.

Key Difference: Version 1 Mori uses Aluminium insert while Version 2 Mori uses Ceramic bezel insert that is more scratch resistant. 

All Ventus Mori 2 now comes with a black rubber tropic strap and a horween strap instead of the sail cloth style strap in Version 1.

Brass Patina

Singapore Army Version

Brass Buckle Patina

Singapore Watch Appreciation Group (SWAG) Memento Mori Version


We manage to gather some photos from our friends who have special versions of Ventus Mori 1 to show how the brass patina looks like over time. It looks amazing.


Ventus Mori 2 diver watch have a very clean and legible dial, you can wear this everyday to see how brass patina. With a water resistance of 300 metres, the 12.5mm case (without crystal),14mm with crystal is considered slim compared to other divers in that range. It comes with a tropic strap that you can dive with and a brown horween strap for dressier occasion (M-7 PVD version as shown above).

Seiko NH-35 movement is a tested and proven workhorse with 41 hours power reserve, it is definitely a watch that you should consider as a daily beater as the specifications is unbreakable like the story of Mōri Motonari.

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