Zelos Terra update (#1)

Posted by Guo Min Lam on

Hello guys, 

Hope you are well and healthy during this COVID-19 season. We would like to share some of the updates we have to the Adamas Terra project.

Finalized additional strap for the first batch of backers (this is on top of the Tropic rubber strap, Horween leather strap and bracelet) 

20mm tapered to 18mm 

Bracelet Clasp as showed in the picture (model shown in picture is Zelos Thresher)


Bracelet will be 20mm tapered to 18mm, no quick release as there are not enough space on the lug for the Mako 

Terra Dial

Sodalite Dial to represent the Earth turns out beautifully. (do note that every dial will be different as sodalite is formed naturally) The holes in the dial is for the hour markers. 

We should be on schedule to start delivering in August 2020 and hence we will extend the preorder period till end of July while stocks last. 

If you have yet to Pre-order your Zelos Terra, you can order it here -> Zelos Terra


  • Waiting to receive the shipment. =)

    Will post an update once we received!

    Stitches & Buckles on

  • when are you anticipating delivery for the Zelos Terra?

    Randy Lastinger on

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